Trabajillos is an indigenous facility management company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria.

Trabajillos Integrated Services Limited provides a wide range of forward-thinking Facility Management Solutions, delivered with intense passion and commitment.

We offer all the support required to deliver well-managed, clean, safe and efficient premises for your convenience. Our clients can employ our services on a one-stop basis for all their Facility Management (FM) needs as an integrated solution or choose specific services peculiar to their organizational or individual needs, creating a seamless interaction.

Trabajillos is an industry leader known for its unique partnership with clients. We believe that success in business is rarely achieved in isolation and that a two-way open relationship is the key to the successful delivery of Facility Management Services.

Our clients benefit from our strategic thinking, which is based on the understanding of their short, medium and long-term objectives. This knowledge informs our approach and ensures organizational objectives are taken into consideration when making day-to-day Facility Management decisions.

about_clip_image001Our one on one approach with clients ensures that we provide service understanding by ensuring that we act promptly to help with crisis situations while developing a strategic plan to put in place lasting solutions to various facility management requirements.

We provide innovative facilities services, but our commitment goes far beyond that. We create a warm and welcoming environment for our clients . Our customers range from schools; medical professionals and hospital staff to patients and their families; corporate executives to company employees of every job description. We keep everything running smoothly and efficiently to improve the daily life for all the people we serve.

Effective facilities management, combining resources and operations is vital to the success of any organization. At the corporate level, it contributes to the delivery of strategic and operational objectives of the organization.

Our standard company policy is to provide quality service at the lowest cost possible for our clients. We continually strive to find a cost-cutting and energy-saving procedure that benefits our clients and the buildings we service.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be recognized as the industry benchmark in the provision of long term and innovative facility maintenance & management solutions which preserves the quality of assets, enhance return on investment and add value to our clients’ operations.

Our Mission

Our Mission To play an integral role in our clients’ Goals and success through our commitment to service excellence, people development and continuous business improvement.

Why Trabajillos ?

Trabajillos Integrated Services Limited is an indigenous facility management company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria since 2008.

Our Company is a one stop center that provides a wide range of forward-thinking Facilities Management Solutions delivered to your doorstep with real passion. Our personal approach and customized management system allows us to create a unique blend of all informal support services known to man.

We believe in providing our clients the “four pillars of performances”, with each pillar important in its own way. This is because each forms an important aspect of our commitment to great business etiquette. Put together, we proffer a solution unparalleled by other organizations in the industry thus giving us a high record of success.

The four pillars of performance are Consistency, Reliability, Communication and Security. We believe that these pillars are KEY to ensuring continual excellence in our value proposition.

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