Personal Services

For our personal services clients, our specialized products are well suited to meet specified needs. Our understanding of the pressures of the urban environment creates the need for our services.

Corporate Services

We have a strategic, flexible and transparent approach towards Facilities Management for corporate organisations, because we believe that individual organisations require individual and forward-thinking FM solutions.

Community Services

This is where our services meet the various communities in our environment. These services cater for various communities but to mention a few, we have products which service Private and Government estates, Construction industries.

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Why Trabajillos ?

Trabajillos Integrated Services Limited is an indigenous facility management company registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission in Nigeria since 2008.


Our Company is a one stop center that provides a wide range of forward-thinking Facilities Management Solutions delivered to your doorstep with real passion. Our personal approach and customized management system allows us to create a unique blend of all informal support services known to man.

We believe in providing our clients the “four pillars of performances”, with each pillar important in its own way. This is because each forms an important aspect of our commitment to great business etiquette. Put together, we proffer a solution unparalleled by other organizations in the industry thus giving us a high record of success.The four pillars of performance are Consistency, Reliability, Communication and Security. We believe that these pillars are KEY to ensuring continual excellence in our value proposition.

Whatever specific informal service you require we would tailor and design a professional formula for YOU.