For our personal services clients, our specialized products are well suited to meet specified needs. Our understanding of the pressures of the urban environment creates the need for our services.

Therefore, we able to provide  periodic maid services to take the burden of household cleaning and chores off you, pest control and fumigation, landscaping and gardening, and lots more. We provide logistics for your moving in and moving out of a new or old building, pre and post construction cleanups…

Our services are not limited to those above we can also provide technical support for your facility, providing plumbers, carpenters etc on need bases. we  provide window cleaning services, water and sewage treatment.

We pay particular attention to your individual details hence; we render the quality service our clients deserve.

We operate with only the best equipment and we ensure that all our staffs are well catered for. We take health and safety seriously and ensure that all our members of staff are reliable, trustworthy and qualified.

Personal Services

We have a strategic, flexible and transparent approach towards Facilities Management for corporate organisations, because we believe that individual organisations require individual and forward-thinking facility management solutions.

We understand our clients want a Facilities Management partner that is in direct control of its facilities provision through self-delivery of core services that understands and work to uphold the vision and values of your organisation.

Our flexible operational structure ensures we that we can provide a tailored service delivery model that can adapt to our clients’ schedule as our clients evolve. Services provided include providing periodic or permanent window cleaning, fumigation and pest control services, waste management, water treatment and chlorination/sewage treatment and evacuation.

Services such as electrical repairs, plumbing, & gardening are included in the solutions we provide to our clients through our professional partners who can be attached to your facilities or visit periodically. At our client’s request, we are capable of providing logistics for moving and clean up of new or old buildings.

Our other clients under this category include corporate organizations, hospitals, retail stores, schools, factories, churches and mosques, universities and other factor based clients. Small and large office buildings, industrial complexes, office complexes/plaza, Banks, oil companies, estates and government offices are among the many accounts we serve.

Corporate Services

This is where our services meet the various communities in our environment. These services cater for various communities but to mention a few, we have products which service Private and Government estates, Construction industries.

Services such as pre and post construction cleaning, drainage maintenance, Street cleaning and Waste management , Periodic waste evacuations, Landscaping and Garden maintenance, Event centers after party clean ups, move in and move out logistics, playgrounds and other services which are beneficial to the environment.

We have mechanisms in place to ensure that the highest industry standards are complied with, especially as we guarantee customer satisfaction.

Community Services

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  • Janitorial Services (Routine or Periodic)
  • Fire Extinguisher, Alarm And Sprinkler Maintenance And Repairs
  • Elevator Repairs And Maintenance
  • Door Supply, Maintenance And Repairs
  • Pest Control And Fumigation Quarterly
  • Ventilation And Air Conditioning Maintenance And Repairs
  • Electrical Maintenance And Repairs
  • Garbage Disposal
  • Water Service And Management
  • Relocation Services
  • Generator Services And Rentals
  • Home /Office (Interior & Exterior) Planning And Maintenance
  • General Repairs And Maintenance
  • Trench And Storm Drainage Maintenance And Repairs
  • Irrigation Sprinkler Maintenance And Repairs
  • Landscape Maintenance And Ground Maintenance
  • Lighting Maintenance And Repairs
  • Lot Cleaning
  • Façade Cleaning
  • Maintenance Planning
  • Sewage Treatment And Evacuation
  • Project Management
  • Supply, Servicing And Maintenance Of Fire Alarms And Extinguishers
  • Supply, Servicing And Maintenance Of Air Conditioners
  • Artisan Lending (Electricians , Plumbers, Carpenters.. Etc)
  • Roof Maintenance And Repairs
  • Security Services
  • Sign Maintenance And Repairs
  • Space Planning…Etc.